Salon Booking 3.0 version


finally we are ready for the 3.0 version of Salon booking plugin.
Yes 3.0, you understood well.
This version will bring a lot of new features and improvements.

So let’s go in depth:

– Brand new “High end” booking method

This third booking method gives you the control over the availability of each service and his associated assistant during a precise time/slot. In order to do that we introduced a new option for services called “execution order”. This option, once set, gives the system the information about which service will be made first during a single reservation. So for each reservation, where multiple services has been booked, the system know exactly at what time the assistant X will be busy with the service Y and how long he will be busy to complete that service.

– Multiple assistants selection

If you enable this new option from “Settings > General” your customers can choose their favourite assistants for each of your services during the reservation process. This option works well if combined with assistant “skills” option.

– New front-end booking form

Now you can choose among three different sizes of the booking form and choose the one that best fits your reservations page.

As we changed the mark-up of the booking form you’ll probably loose your CSS customisations. But you can easily apply them to the new layout.

– Booking rules for assistants and services

Now you can set one or multiple rules to define your weekly timetable for each of your services and your assistants and have a full control over your business availability model.

– Ignore first “0” from a mobile number

In some countries local numbers starts with a “0” but we saw that the SMS notification service stop working when users has that kind of number so we added this option that will help to solve this kind of problem.

What’s next?

– We are working at Multiple Shops add-on that will allows to manage multiple locations as individual entities from the same website.

– A Google Calendar synchronisation for each assistants in order to display only the reservations where the assistant is involved.

– More booking form styling options to give you more control over the look and feel.

Important updating notes on Salon Booking 3.0

As the 3.0 is a major release we suggest you to make a back-up of your database and files before upgrade.

As we said before if you have made some CSS customisations to the front-end booking form you will probably loose them after the update but you’ll be able to easily apply them the new one with same approach used in the past.

In case of any problems or issues with the plugin you can submit them to us using our contct form:

We would be very happy if you would rate our plugin on

See you soon!

Salon booking 2.0

Salon Booking 2.0 has a lot new features


finally we have been able to release our 2.0 version that marks an important step forward over our continuos development process.

Salon Booking plugin 2.0 version has been equipped with a lot new features that we hope you’ll appreciate soon.

Let’s go in depth:

– User booking cancelation from front-end

Your customers now can  cancel a booking from a login protected page on the front-end called “My Bookings account”.

The administrator can decide if to enable or not this feature from the back-end.

– Custom services and category order

Now you can set your favourite order for your services and the service’s category using a simple drag&drop from back-end.

– Stripe as new payment gateway

We have added Stripe as a second payment method alternative to PayPal. You can choose from back-end settings which one to use.

– Custom payment methods development guidelines

We provide some guidelines for developers that intend to implement custom payment gateways.

– New booking status called “Payment pending” to be used when a new reservation is made from the back-end that require the customer to pay online in order to confirm the reservation.

Furthermore we’ve made many UI improvements such as:

– Full redesign  of back-end settings tabs

Much more clear and intuitive UI elements and layout grid in order to simplify  the management of plugin settings

– Date and time picker improvements on mobile and tablet

For a better user experience on mobile devices, the date and time picker is now more easy to use.

– Services, Bookings, Assistant back-end archives columns informations improved

Now you’ll have all the most important informations just from the back-end archives pages in order to have everything important under control at first sight.

We’ve even solved a bunch of bugs on every front thanks to our users feedback.

What’s next? Well, a lot of things.

For the next release we are working at “Users Review system” to give your customers the opportunity to send you a feedback about  your services. This way you can increase your relationship with your customers and benefit from their comments and suggestions to improve your offer.

Soon we’ll start working over a major improvements that should make our plugin ready for  “Multi Shops” management. We hope to complete this feature by the end of January.

Keep helping us improve our plugin, send us a feedback here:

There is a new version of Salon Booking system plugin


a new version of Salon Booking system plugin has been released, the 1.3.0 version.

Whats new on this version?

Two important brand new features:

1 – Google Galendar integration

Now you can connect our plugin with your Google Calendar account and sync your bookings with your preferred Google Calendar.
This way you can share your agenda with your staff members and have your upcoming bookings always under control.
Isn’t great?

2 – Add booking from back-end

What’s happen when you receive a telephone or in person reservation? Now you can easily add this booking from the back-end of WordPress and have a real-time control of time/date slots availability and send an email confirmation to your clients.

Furthermore in this release we have solved some new bugs and make a little improvements on our code.

What’s next? We are tireless working on brand new features such as:

– Booking cancelation from front-end
– Back-end UI redesign

We count to complete this two important improvements  by the end of November.

Please support us giving us some feedback on our plugin, take five minutes and answer to this questions:

Please rate it on if you didn’t yet.

Salon booking system 1.2 version

Hi there!

here we are with a brand new release the 1.2 version of Salon Booking System plugin.
As we promised we have added some brand new feature that we do hope you’ll appreciate.

Let’s see what’s new in this version:

– Grouping services by category

If your salon has a lot of services you can group them by specific category in order to have a better display on your website.

– SMS new booking notification

Now you can enable an SMS notification to a mobile number of your choice where will be sent a message every time a new booking arrives.

– SMS new booking notification to assistants

Now you can notify to your assistants every time they have been selected for a new reservation. This way they will receive an SMS with the booking details.

– SMS booking reminder

Now you can automatically send an SMS to your customers X hours before the appointment as a reminder.
Furthermore we have solved some minor bugs and improved the graphic design of alerts message on the booking front-end form.

For the next release we are working very hard to add these new features:

– Google Calendar integration
– Services custom order
– Front-end booking cancellation by customers

As we said before we are trying to make two releases every months in order to improve our plugin progressively and offer to you a better experience with Salon booking system.

Your feedback is very important to us so please spend 5 minutes to answer this simple questions:

See you at the end of October.

1.1.0 version released

Hi! a new version of our Salon Booking plugin has been released. In this update we have made some fixes such as:

  • fixed css bug on time-picker
  • fixed bug on custom email inside email notification template
  • fixed bug on “Booking allowed from” time range
  • minor css and mark-up fixes


We’ve also added a new feature:

  • Custom date format

now you can choose a different date and hour formats.

New languages now are available from our Transifex account:

Salon booking has been translated into:

  • Italian
  • French
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • German

You can give your contribute to the plugin translation using this platform.

In the next release planned for the end of september we aim to include many new features such as:

  • Custom order for services
  • SMS booking notification for administrator, assistant and client
  • SMS booking reminder for client
  • Pay a deposit

We always need your precious feedback in order to improve your experience with Salon Booking so take five minutes and answer to our pool:


Do you want a better Salon booking plugin?

It’s time for us to make every possible effort in order to improve your experience with our Salon Booking plugin. For this reason we ask you to take five minutes of your precious time to answer to some questions about your experience as user of our plugin. Your feedback is the crucial answer to our doubts about where to focus our future efforts in order to improve Salon Booking and make it the best WordPress reservation plugin for Barber Shop, Beauty centers and practitioners.

Do you really want a better Salon Booking plugin? So let’s make it possible.


Salon booking 1.0.1 release

We’ve just released a brand new version of our premium plugin Salon booking.

The 1.0.1 cames out with new interesting features:

  • Attendants selection
  • SMS user verification
  • Salon staff custom role


Attendants selection option gives your customers the possibility to choose their favorite attendants during the booking process. Every time a new booking is made the selected attendant will be notified by email. Soon we’ll give the possibility to add a photo of every attendant.

SMS verification option gives you the opportunity to avoid any kind of spam from the booking form. A verification code will  be sent by an SMS to the mobile number provided by users the first time they make a booking. Our system work with Twilio, Plivo and Ip1 sms providers.

Salon staff custom role is a new WordPress user role that the administrator can assign to his staff members in order to give them access to the back-end but limited to the booking section.

We are planning a brand new release in few days in order to make new improvements. If you want to try our plugin you can download our Free Version.

We’ll be very happy to receive your feed-backs and suggestions.


See you soon!



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