Kill my WordPress plugin

If you need to clean-up a whole WordPress instance and you are too lazy to delete all files through the ftp client and the database tables through the  Phpmyadmin panel, well Kill my Worpress is the plugin for you.


Kill my Worpress delete your WordPress website with just one click. All files and folders stored inside the root directory where WordPress is installed will be deleted.


Even all the tables inside the database where WordPress is installed will be permanently deleted.


With just one click.


Use Kill my Worpress to speed-up your cleaning process when you need to remove permanently a WordPress based website. Be careful using it because the “killing” process cannot be stopped or restored.

These are the plugin’s features:

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  • Auto detect database connection datas
  • Deleting files and database table with one click


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Pre purchase notes:

  • The plugin is free
  • Use this plugin under your responsability
  • We are not responsible for accidentally deleted files or database tables

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